Joel and Jordan Scott complete their run on the Pescados!

31 03 2009

In November of 2008 Joel and Jordan Scott were paddling with their classmates on WI.L.D. when Joel suddenly flipped up-side-down and made no attempt to roll up.  He had gone into cardiac arrest while paddling in class II and subsequent to his heart stopping he stopped breathing and drowned.  Quickly, and without hesitation Jordan extracted Joel from his kayak, swam him to shore and started rescue breathing and CPR.  The rest of his classmates jumped into action and resuscitated Joel by “lighting him up” with an AED.  The group then continued their rescue efforts getting Joel to the closest hospital and after a few days back to Canada by air ambulance.  Within two weeks of suffering both drowning and cardiac arrest on a river in remote Mexico, Joel, made a miraculous 100% recovery.

This would be enough of a happy ending for most ordinary people.   however, for those of you who know the Scott brothers… they are far from ordinary.  Just four months after the incident Joel and Jordan arrived back in Mexico to complete their expedition where they left off.  A surprise arrival left the Esprit Mexico crew speechless.  Caleb Nelson was  “blown” away to be joined by his friends that he last saw off the tarmac in veracruz as Joel was being airlifter to Canada.

The following days paddle was surreal.  Joel, Jordan and the entire Esprit Mexico went back to the incident site (now known as Joel’s Rapid) and put in to complete the final 5km back to Jalcomulco.  En route the Esprit crew recounted the events to Joel as if they had just happened yesterday.  The trip was completed without incident… Mission Accomplished!  

It was a great experience to “close the chapter” of Joel’s incident, rescue and recovery.  I felt honoured to paddle with everyone there… students that came to WILD not knowing how to do CPR… have now used their training to save their friend and classmates life… an experience that will never be forgotten.


Rio d’ Oro… Mexico’s best kept paddling secret!

29 03 2009


Esprit's Jim Coffey running La Gloria on the Oro.

Esprit's Jim Coffey running La Gloria on the Oro.




WOW!  How could I have lived here in Mexico and not paddled the Oro before now.  This trip really has it all.  It is remote, spectacularly beautiful, crystal clear clean water and ends by paddling right out into the ocean!


Not to mention the Oro has continuous, fun, challenging whitewater!

Oh ya… as if I forgot… the Oro has two super clean waterfalls… La Gloria (40ft) and El Cielo (30ft) .  both are absolutely spectacular, clean and fun!  Check out the esprit staff as we scout out the run to add to some of our 2009-2010 programs!


“SPEAK UP” for Canadian Rivers

15 02 2009


I speak for Canadian rivers ... You can too!

I speak for Canadian rivers ... You can too!

As support for the preservation of the of the NWPA increases many people have asked me “what can I do to help”. At this point we are forming our public awareness and education  strategy and plan to make a “Significant Call To Action” on Friday Feb. 20.  Until then… we have a major undertaking in front of us that ANYONE and EVERYONE  can help with.  Right now we need to continue and increase the mobilization of supporters.  To do this we are currently using facebook as the meeting place for group members to collect and connect.  To join search for the cause Save the NWPA Protect Canada’s Waterways .   I would really like it if WE can get the group up to 1000 supporters by Friday Feb. 20.  Please… reach out to your friends, family, networks and encourage them to join us! Read the rest of this entry »

The Gutting of the NWPA

14 02 2009


Unfortunately we have just entered a very discouraging time for river advocacy in Canada.  Just as you would think that we should be doing everything we can bolster the protection of our rivers for future generations…. our government has just decided the opposite.  

One of the first laws enacted in Canada was the Navigable Waters Protection Act.  Its purpose was to place our waterways within the “public trust” to be managed for the overall benefit of ALL Canadians.  Essentially it required a federal environmental assessment for projects that would interfere with navigation…. specifically the building of bridges, dams, booms and causeways… Read the rest of this entry »

Scouting Mission… Accomplished & Spectacular

13 02 2009


View from camp 1 hostel!

View from camp 1 hostel!

Today we completed an amazing and spectacular scouting mission for our upcoming Pico 2 Playa Adventure Race Training Expedition.  This is a partner program we run in conjunction with Geoff Lanford and Frontier Adventure Sports.  


Geoff and I along with Esprit’s Caleb Nelson and Laura Harvey set off early to reach the village of Nuevo Jacal.  The village is located at 3300m in the shadow of Pico De Orizaba, North America’s third highest peak…. Read the rest of this entry »

New Website Coming Soon

11 02 2009

At long last our new website should be live by Friday the 13th…. on second thought maybe we should postpone that to Saturday  Feb. 14… we hope you LOVE the website… get it… love it on Valentines day!

Please let us know what you think of the new look!


And so the Blog begins

10 02 2009

As leaders in the Eco-adventure travel industry I felt we needed a forum beyond selling our programs to truly express our opinions and philosophy on the broader world around us and where I (Jim) and Esprit fit into this bigger picture… so here it is… the Esprit Blog!