“SPEAK UP” for Canadian Rivers

15 02 2009


I speak for Canadian rivers ... You can too!

I speak for Canadian rivers ... You can too!

As support for the preservation of the of the NWPA increases many people have asked me “what can I do to help”. At this point we are forming our public awareness and education  strategy and plan to make a “Significant Call To Action” on Friday Feb. 20.  Until then… we have a major undertaking in front of us that ANYONE and EVERYONE  can help with.  Right now we need to continue and increase the mobilization of supporters.  To do this we are currently using facebook as the meeting place for group members to collect and connect.  To join search for the cause Save the NWPA Protect Canada’s Waterways .   I would really like it if WE can get the group up to 1000 supporters by Friday Feb. 20.  Please… reach out to your friends, family, networks and encourage them to join us!The following video is an excerpt from Canadian Rivers Day  last June.  Esprit was part of an event on the hill afte5 completing an 8 day,  500km “Paddle to Parliament” from the Kipawa River to Ottawa.  We launched the P2P to raise awareness about the proposed dismantling of the NWPA.  In the video is Rob Monti, kayaker, lawyer and friend speaking about what we have at stake if the act is gutted.

Take a look to get a better idea of where we are coming from!

Stay tuned … “Call To Action coming Soon”





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